Cassia Oil – Used Since Ancient Time

Cassia comes from the laurel family. There is mention of this plant many times in ancient scriptures. This oil was not only used as an important ingredient in holy oil in the past, but also is considered as the “oils of joy” along with cinnamon oil. This has got some amazing elevating effects.

Cassia has got a more pleasant and sweet smell than cinnamon, which is harsher than cassia. Cassia oil ( is mainly extracted and produced in China. The essential oil is mainly derived from cassia bark. This tree is an evergreen and slender tree which is blossomed with white flowers. Generally, the tree is cut to bush-height so as to increase the production of the oil, which mainly takes through the process of steam distillation.

Cassia oil has got many rich properties and is a good anti fungal, antibacterial as well as antiviral agent. It is also a good immune system builder and really boosts up your immunity. It is widely used in space in eastern part of the world. In ancient times, it was used by people to protect them from plagues. This oil has got many medicinal uses and is known to provide cure from digestive companies, nausea, rheumatisms, cold and kidney complains. Chinese medicine makes heavy use of it and it is used to treated vascular disorder.

Since cassia is toxic in nature, they you cannot use it frequently or in excessive amount. Majority of the times, it is used in a blended form along with sandalwood, myrrh and frankincense etc. It can be used as incense or can be diffused. It is high on aldehydes and thus it is must to consult your doctor or physician before you use cassia oil in any form. Even in aromatherapy, this is used to provide relief and to relaxation to the body.

The leaves of this plant are long and they are glossy green in color. The cassia fruit is harvested from tree and it is basically a berry that resembles cloves.  Many times cassia oil is confused with cinnamon oil. However, these two oils are different but when they are used together, they form a great combination. There are many benefits said to be associated with cassia oil.

It is also used in cosmetic industry. Many people use it to gain plump and shining lips. You just need to dilute the oil with some water and apply it on your lips frequently to get a good shine on them. However, if you face any irritation then discontinue the use immediately. Nausea leads to vomiting which can further cause dehydration and fatigue. This oil is effective in stopping vomiting and helps to make a person feel refreshed.

Cassia oil is used widely in preparation of spice and meat dishes. There are plenty of online as well as offline sources from where you can buy this oil from. This oil is less liquid, is heavy and it congeals more quickly than many other varieties.  Its main constituents are linalool, cinnamic aldehyde, benzaldehyde and cinnamyl acetate.

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