Geranium Essential Oil – Aromatherapy

Geranium oil belongs to the family of essential oil and it is derived from the stalk as well as leaves of the Pelargonium graveolens that belongs to the Geraneaceae family. This species has got a rosier smell. Pelargonium graveolens is the most prized of the Geranium Oils. There are several hundreds species of this plant available but it is worthy to note that out of all of them only 5-10% are able to produce sufficient quantities as well as quality of oils. Even though germanium essential oil boasts of having plenty of benefits, it is majorly used in the field of aromatherapy.


It has got a rich history and is being used in aromatherapy ever since the Egyptian times. It is believed that in those days it was used to treat brain tumors. Due to its superb rose like aroma it is used as a lift or substitute to rose aromatherapy oil. Before using it internally, it is always recommended that you consult a doctor or medical partitions.

It is also used in burners so as to provide a relaxing atmosphere in both the office as well as home. Many people use it to get relief from depression, anxiety, stress and moreover getting an overall lift. Geranium essential oil is an excellent repellent. When mixed with good quality organize massage carrier oil, it forms an excellent insect repellant and is mostly used in homes. Also, it is wildly used in skincare remedy. Many skin related problems like bruises, scalds, shingles and eczema etc. can easily be treated with the help of this oil. Even if it is unable to provide complete cure, it helps to reduce the symptoms. Head lice are common problem which a large number of people face. This oil provides an effective treatment to the problem of head lice.

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