Top 10 Essential oils

List of Top 10 Essential oils

  1. Bergamot oil
  2. Lemongrass oil
  3. Palmarosa oil
  4. Orange oil
  5. Citronella oil
  6. Lavender oil
  7. Patchouli oil
  8. Sandalwood oil
  9. Jasmine oil
  10. Menthol oil

Essential oils are obtained through steam distillation in a hydro or cold-press. These processes ensure more intactness of natural properties and suitable for use.

Essential oils are botanical products that form the odoriferous essences of large numbers of vegetables.

Essential oils come from flowers, fruits, leaves, roots, seeds and bark of plants. Lavender oil, for example, comes from a flower, patchouli oil, a leaf, and orange oil, a fruit. The oils are formed in the green parts (with chlorophyll) of the plant and to grow the plant are transported to other tissues, specifically in flower buds. It is unknown the exact function of an essential oil in a vegetable, it can be to attract insects for pollination, or to repel harmful insects, or may simply be an intermediate metabolic product.

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