Geranium Essential Oil – Aromatherapy

Geranium oil belongs to the family of essential oil and it is derived from the stalk as well as leaves of the Pelargonium graveolens that belongs to the Geraneaceae family. This species has got a rosier smell. Pelargonium graveolens is the most prized of the Geranium Oils. There are several hundreds species of this plant available but it is worthy to note that out of all of them only 5-10% are able to produce sufficient quantities as well as quality of oils. Even though germanium essential oil boasts of having plenty of benefits, it is majorly used in the field of aromatherapy.


It has got a rich history and is being used in aromatherapy ever since the Egyptian times. It is believed that in those days it was used to treat brain tumors. Due to its superb rose like aroma it is used as a lift or substitute to rose aromatherapy oil. Before using it internally, it is always recommended that you consult a doctor or medical partitions.

It is also used in burners so as to provide a relaxing atmosphere in both the office as well as home. Many people use it to get relief from depression, anxiety, stress and moreover getting an overall lift. Geranium essential oil is an excellent repellent. When mixed with good quality organize massage carrier oil, it forms an excellent insect repellant and is mostly used in homes. Also, it is wildly used in skincare remedy. Many skin related problems like bruises, scalds, shingles and eczema etc. can easily be treated with the help of this oil. Even if it is unable to provide complete cure, it helps to reduce the symptoms. Head lice are common problem which a large number of people face. This oil provides an effective treatment to the problem of head lice.


Undoubtedly, this essential oil is a powerful oil which is a must have addition to any home essential oil kit. Another beautiful characteristic of this oil is that it blends really beautifully with majority of the other aromatherapy oils. This oil has got some brilliant sedative as well as uplifting properties which acts perfectly well on nervous system of the human body. It helps in secretion of enzymes and stimulates the adrenal cortex which can do the balancing act to bring some amount of relief from the emotional mood changes and mood swings. For women who suffer from the problem of retention of fluid, this oil offers a great solution.

Lastly, aromatherapy oil provides many benefits to the users and they also help to remove variety of health and other complaints. Every individual is different and some might be allergic to some specific products. Thus, you need to consult the doctor to check whether you are allergic to it or not. Before you buy any such oil, make sure you read the label and certifications well just to ensure that you are using the safe oil.

Cedar Wood

Cedar wood oil is among the oldest and the most used oil in the world. The rich history of this oil dates back to more than 5000 years. It is known for many useful reasons. Ancient Egyptians, Sumerians believed that this oil connected the body with the mind and thus was used for healing purposes. Cedar is considered as a symbol for connection, strength as well as protection. It still continues to attract people who want to connect their soul with their body. It also finds its use as an effective bacteria preventive as well as insect repellant. This oil is fantastic for breading for the cellulite components and thus is widely used in deep massages. No one can doubt the therapeutic qualities of cedar wood oil ( . This is widely used in aromatherapy and is effective in stopping urinary tract infections, hair loss, bronchitis, acne as well as psoriasis etc. Some problems like compulsive behavior and distraction can be addressed with the help of cedarwood oil. It also reduces the hardening of the arteries.

Cedar wood oil is also a pineal gland stimulant and thus promotes the deep sleep. The major advantage of using this oil is that it helps in developing the spiritual and emotional transformation when it is used in aromatherapy. The various excellent therapeutic properties of cedar wood oil are insecticide, sedative, astringent, tonic, expectorant, antispasmodic and diuretic etc. This oil has got the excellent ability to sedate the skin and thus helps to provide relief from itching.

Carrot Seed

Carrot is great fruit. It provides us with plenty of health benefits. It is true that it helps to improve the eye sight, but apart from this also it provides plenty of health benefits. It consists of beta carotene, which is a highly beneficial component.

Carrot seed oil is extremely rich in Vitamin A. This oil performs exceptionally well in treating the skin problems. The presence of various chemical components in this oil helps to keep skin alive. Carrot seed oil  ( forms an important part of many skin care and hair care products. These are highly effective in resisting the sagging and cracking of skin.

Carrot Seed

Carrot Seed

Carrot seed oil is also made up of carotenoids that help to block the UV rays. This oil comes from the steam distillation of the seeds of carrot. It has got some amazing detoxifying characteristics that help to make the digestive system and liver better. Apart from this, it is helpful in maintaining good gums, eyesight, hair and teeth conditions. If you want shingling skin, then you must use this oil. Carrot seed oil will surely get you rid of all the problems that are related to harmful skin rays. It rejuvenates the skin cell and stimulates their growth. If you are looking for an effective way to fight age spots, lines and wrinkles then do use products that contain carrot seed oil in large quantities.

Bay Leaf oil

The botanical name for bay leaf oil is Pimento racemosa and it is extorted through the steam distillation of the fresh leaves. The ingredients of the leaves consist of cineol, methyl eugenol, linalool, and phellandrene etc. Owing to these constituents, this oil is said to be having some great sedative, anti biotic, febrifuge, analgesic, stomachic and tonic properties. Also, it is used for making massage oils and lotions.

The antiseptic properties of this oil help to protect the wounds from the bacterial and fungal growth, thereby avoiding painful situations. This oil is completely safe and does not cause any side effects. Neuralgia is another painful condition which causes pain in ears, eyes, tonsils. However bay leaf essential oil being a strong astringent and analgesic can overcome all these problems. It reduces the contraction of the blood vessels and helps to do away with the pain. This oil is also lethal for lower animals and insects and helps to drive insects out of the given area. It is widely used in vaporizers, sprays, fumigants etc.

It also helps to discharge bile into stomach and thus helps to maintain the acid and base balance in the human body. Thus, for proper functioning of stomach you should keep on using bay leaf oil regularly. Many people use this oil as a tonic, as it provides with qualities which are apt for the whole body. It helps to perform various metabolic functions like absorption of nutrients and decomposition of blood. It boosts up the nervous system and makes you more alert and active.

Lastly, even though this oil doesn’t have any side effects, in some extremely rare case it can cause skin irritation because of the compound eugenol. Thus, use it with care.

Basil Essential Oil – Strengthen Your Mind and Heart

Almost all the essential oils have worked extremely well against any kinds of infection; the same is true for basil essential oil. You can apply it on wounds and cuts and also deal with various viral infections. Sports persons make use of this essential oil as it helps in dealing with sprains and other sports related injuries. Stomach problems like cramps, constipation as well as indigestion can also be cured by basil essential oil. Basil oil is also used in preparation of some food including soups, rolls as well as salads.

This plant is prevalent in Africa. However you can find it too in some European parts as well. The plant grows up to a height of 3-4 feet and it yield white flowers. Many bath routines and body massage procured make use of this essential oil. It is used widely in Egyptian culture for prayers. Some cosmetics also use this oil as an important ingredient.

Lastly, basil essential oil provides the user with immediate results. It has got very mild side effects which go with time. There is absolutely no problem involved in using this oil. Still, it is recommended that you consult a doctor or physician before you use basil oil and its derivatives. So just try these oils and get rid of the problems.

Aniseed Oil – Beauty and Health Benefits

One of the most famous aromatic oil which lures thousands of people worldwide is Aniseed Oil. It is used widely as therapeutic oil worldwide. This essential oil is applicable to various part of the body. It is used for the treatment of irritable coughs, bronchitis and cough in early times. Nowadays, it is also being used for the treatment of rheumatism, arthritis as well as cancer. Aniseed essential oil provides major advantages for fertility, irritable bowled syndrome, blood oxygenation, and constipation as well as some respiratory problems.

Many products including mouthwashes, toothpastes and cordials make use of aniseed oil in their preparation. It is also used as a breath sweetner. In Turkey, people used to make a drink called Raki, which is made from the seeds of this herb. This essential oil basically originates from Asia as well as Middle East. Due to its good medicinal properties, it was cultivated widely in Egypt since centuries.  It has got a lot of culinary uses as well. Aniseed essential oil has got a nice composition and it consists of substantial amount of sugar, fatty oil, moisture, starch as well as ash. Chorine forms an important part of this oil and it is behind lot of uses. This is an annual culinary herb which belongs to the family of celery herbs. This oil is also used in making of aniseed fruit spices.

Aniseed is grayish brown in color and is usually oval shaped. It has got a very pleasant taste and an agreeable aroma. This plant grows up to a height of 75 centimeter and required warmth and sunshine to grow properly. Yu will find a lot of such plants in tropical low lands. This oil is colorless and is replacing a lot of products that are being used for flavoring and medicinal purposes. All you need to do is to look for good and trusted aniseed oil.

This oil is not only helpful in case of digestive system problem, but may also be used as a general tonic for respiratory tract and circulatory system. It provides you with great relief from anxiety and tension.

Thousands of people worldwide are suffering from mental illness and tension. Great oil like aniseed essential oil can also cure all such producible and eases migraines. It also stimulates the lungs to give out phlegm. The Amyris oil is used as a base note. Base notes basically described those scent that remain after the various scents are evaporated. The earthy scent of aniseed essential oil will promote sense of grounding and promoting inner strength.

You can buy this oil online or from physical stores. Buying it online is more preferred as then you will face a great deal of variations. Also, then you need not look for various shops to find the oil of your choice. The prices of various varieties of aniseed oil may vary depending upon the purity and quality.

Benefits of wintergreen oil

It is used majorly to open the breathing passages. The vapor of the wintergreen oil is also inhaled in aromatherapy to clear the sinuses and stimulate mind. This oil blends well with ravensara and eucalyptus. Blended wintergreen oil finds its major use to get relief from conditions like sciatica, neuralgia, gout, fibromyalgia etc. People suffering from arthritis can also make use of this oil to get relief.

Warm oil is used to help the weak joints as well as muscles, whereas sometimes, this oil is also added to facial massage ingredients to provide relief from headaches. You need to be careful with the amount of wintergreen oil that you are using. It should be taking only in modest amount. Excessive use of this oil will cause more harm than good. However, when used appropriately it will provide excellent results.

Athletes and people who suffer from arthritis or rheumatism are fond of this oil for a good reason. Also it is an effective analgesic and potent. When used as massage oil, it provides almost instant relief from pain. The component Methyl salicytate, present in the oil in large quantities enter the pores of the skin and also helps to reduce the building up of prostaglandin. The mint flavor of the oil will help you to relax the nerves and muscles of the body and will also get you rid of the unwanted thoughts.

Now the old practice of chewing the wintergreen leaves to provide relief from various problems has disappeared. Instead of this, wintergreen oil is being widely used to treat various problems. The popularity of this oil has forced many oil manufactures to come out with different varieties of this oil.

Take Care of Your Skin with Wheat Germ Oil

Wheat germ oil is a commonly used essential oil which is used for message therapies. This oil is extracted from wheat kernel germ. Wheat germ oil is unrefined in nature and contains high quantity of Vitamin D as well as Vitamin A. Not only this, it has got the highest percentage of Vitamin E in it amongst all the vegetable oils. Wheat germ oil is pale is color and has got a powerful scent. It is also relatively thick. The shelf life of this oil is six to eight months, but you need to store it into a cold, dry place. You can use this oil for different purposes.

When it is applied on skin, massage therapies works efficiently and conveniently on the body parts that need to be massaged. Wheat germ not only provides smoothness to the skin, but also improves its texture and condition. This is the reason why this oil is widely used in skin care and skin wellness products. The wonderful properties of this oil can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Since it has got a high percentage of Vitamin E, whenever the oil is applied on the skin during therapy, it gets absorbed by the skin and your skin gets rejuvenated and revitalized. It also stimulates the muscles as well as the nerves. You should apply this oil throughout your body in a uniform manner.

Wheat germ oil also improves the circulation of blood. Not only this, it also helps on aiding the self regeneration of the cells of the skin that are damages due to environmental factors like pollution, sunlight etc. If you want to maintain a younger look, then do use wheat germ oil. It has got some brilliant antioxidant properties which prevent the signs of aging and results in excellent appearance.

Wheat germ oil also consists of linoleic and oleic acid and it contributes to the formation of essential fatty acids that keep up the immune system and nervous system in good condition. Even if you are suffering from skin disorders like psoriasis and eczema then you need to use this oil for a proper cure.

Wheat germ provides you not only an effective solution to skin and health problems but also an economical solution. You should use this oil regularly. Since it is highly rich in mineral, proteins as well as vitamins, it will help you to drive all the skin ailments away.

A lot of athletes and sportspersons use this oil as it helps in improving the response activity, muscle functions as well as sports endurance. Some people use wheat germ oil for the purpose of cooking. However, it is expensive so it is not very popular as cooking oil. A lot of homemade and commercial skin care products like creams, soap and lotions make use of wheat germ oil. It is also good for maintaining a good body and healthy heart.

How to prepare bath salts with essential oils?

Essential oils have many qualities that are widely used in massage therapy. They are also used in cosmetics. Here are some recipes for making bath salts scented with essential oils.

Prepare the bath salt with a mixture of vegetable oil and essential oil

A wide range of essential oils is proposed to prepare bath salts. It is also possible to add vegetable oil. Vegetable oils make the skin soft and silky. Some vegetable oils such as almond oil or olive oil are especially used for this purpose. Depending on the desired effect, you can opt for the vegetable oil is emollient jojoba vegetable oil or evening primrose to revitalize and make the skin more flexible. The essential oil is selected according to the outcome: relaxation or therapy.

The preparation of a salt bath with essential oils requires 20 ml of neutral vegetable oil and 10 to 15 drops of essential oil of your choice. Add this mixture to salt and mix well so that the mixture is smooth. If you wish to further enhance the flavor of your preparation, you can put dried flower petals. Choose, in this case, hibiscus flowers and rose petals.

Bath salts with essential oils

To prepare the bath salts with essential oils, you will need 240 g of sea salt mound and three different essential oils. The first should have an anti-aging, softening and drying. The second choice of essential oil depends on the result you want. You can opt for one that will help you sleep, to meditate, relax or feel good. For an energizing and invigorating bath, for example, choose the essential oil of noni. To relax, for cons, take the essential oil of rosewood.

The third essential oil used to enhance the fragrance of your bath salts. Then choose the essential oil whose scent you. Although the salt bath with essential oils has many therapeutic properties, do not take a bath too long. This could cause heart and skin.

Cassia Oil – Used Since Ancient Time

Cassia comes from the laurel family. There is mention of this plant many times in ancient scriptures. This oil was not only used as an important ingredient in holy oil in the past, but also is considered as the “oils of joy” along with cinnamon oil. This has got some amazing elevating effects.

Cassia has got a more pleasant and sweet smell than cinnamon, which is harsher than cassia. Cassia oil ( is mainly extracted and produced in China. The essential oil is mainly derived from cassia bark. This tree is an evergreen and slender tree which is blossomed with white flowers. Generally, the tree is cut to bush-height so as to increase the production of the oil, which mainly takes through the process of steam distillation.

Cassia oil has got many rich properties and is a good anti fungal, antibacterial as well as antiviral agent. It is also a good immune system builder and really boosts up your immunity. It is widely used in space in eastern part of the world. In ancient times, it was used by people to protect them from plagues. This oil has got many medicinal uses and is known to provide cure from digestive companies, nausea, rheumatisms, cold and kidney complains. Chinese medicine makes heavy use of it and it is used to treated vascular disorder.

Since cassia is toxic in nature, they you cannot use it frequently or in excessive amount. Majority of the times, it is used in a blended form along with sandalwood, myrrh and frankincense etc. It can be used as incense or can be diffused. It is high on aldehydes and thus it is must to consult your doctor or physician before you use cassia oil in any form. Even in aromatherapy, this is used to provide relief and to relaxation to the body.

The leaves of this plant are long and they are glossy green in color. The cassia fruit is harvested from tree and it is basically a berry that resembles cloves.  Many times cassia oil is confused with cinnamon oil. However, these two oils are different but when they are used together, they form a great combination. There are many benefits said to be associated with cassia oil.

It is also used in cosmetic industry. Many people use it to gain plump and shining lips. You just need to dilute the oil with some water and apply it on your lips frequently to get a good shine on them. However, if you face any irritation then discontinue the use immediately. Nausea leads to vomiting which can further cause dehydration and fatigue. This oil is effective in stopping vomiting and helps to make a person feel refreshed.

Cassia oil is used widely in preparation of spice and meat dishes. There are plenty of online as well as offline sources from where you can buy this oil from. This oil is less liquid, is heavy and it congeals more quickly than many other varieties.  Its main constituents are linalool, cinnamic aldehyde, benzaldehyde and cinnamyl acetate.

Angelica Oil – The “Angel Oil”

Angelica is another great essential oil which belongs to the family of Angelica archangelica. It has got a spicy undertone and a sweet herbal smell. It is usually referred to as European Angelica. The viscosity of this essential oil is medium and is mainly extracted from seeds of the herb and rhizome.  The origin of this plant is Asia and it was introduced later in some parts of Europe. The plant is native to Eastern as well as Northern Europe as well as some parts of Soviet Union and Asia.  It is also referred to as Angel Grass and its name is derived from them.

This herb was a major ingredient in Benedictine and Chartreuse liqueur. It was widely used in 16th century in Europe to counteract the deadly Black Plague which hit some parts of Europe. Apart from this, it was also used traditionally for perfumes, flavor grin, confectionery and cake decoration. The plant is water loving herb and is much larger in size. The leaves are broad pointed and are divided into smaller flowers which are greenish white in color and consist of smaller leaflets. The scent is very strong and consists of a large rhizome.


The method of steam distillation is used to extract Angelica oil. Some of the most important chemical constituents of angelica oil include cryptone, b-bisabolene, b-pinene, sabinene, terpinolene, copaene, and pentadecanolide among others.

There are some precautions involved with the use of Angelica oil. Sometimes the excessive use of this oil may cause photo toxicity which leads to irritation in skin. Also, as a safety measure one should avoid using this oil during the pregnancy stage. Also, diabetic people should use it with care. Some of the best therapeutic properties of angelica oil includes hepatic, emmenagogue, expectorant, digestive, diuretic, and tonic etc.

There is variety of uses associated with angelica oil. It is used to help in the treatment of arthritis, water retention, anorexia, migaraine, flatulence anemia, coughs and nervous tension etc. It also boosts the lymphatic system and detoxifies the body. Angelica oil also gives a positive effect on various respiratory ailments and other stomach related ailments; including indigestion, stomach disorder nausea etc. It is very much required in the vapor therapy so as to clear out lungs, pleurisy and bronchitis etc.

Angelica oil is used at many places as blended massage oil. It is also used widely in creams and lotions. It helps to increase the production of estrogen and this in turn leads to regulating and easing the monthly periods. Even though majority of the essential oils mixes well amongst themselves in terms of aroma, angelica oil blends beautifully well with patchouli, lavender, lemon, basil and mandarin.

Angelica oil’s fragrance promotes a sense of well being and as a result of which all the negative feelings and emotions are removed.  In some cultures it is used to connect the spiritual as well as the physical consciousness. Due to the rich history and wide medicinal benefits, angelia oil is in great demand these days.

Eucalyptus Oil – Rich History, Glorified Present

Eucalyptus oil is the name given to the oil which is derived from the Eucalyptus leaves, which is a genus of the plan Myrtaceae. This plant even though native to Australia is cultivated worldwide. Eucalyptus essential oil has got a wide application for various flavoring, industrial, pharmaceutical, antiseptic and fragrance uses. The oil is mainly extracted though the process of steam distillation. Eucalyptus essential oil is mainly used under three broad categories and these are industrial, medicinal as well as perfumery. More than 70% of the total production of eucalyptus essential oil comes from China. The other producers of this great essential oil include Chile, South Africa, Swaziland and Spain etc. Cineole is a major constitute of eucalyptus essential oil.

The eucalyptus essential oil is cineole-based oil and it has got some superb pharmaceutical properties that help to remove the symptoms of colds and influenza. The antibacterial effects of this oil on the bacteria are highly effective; it is also inhaled for the treatment of bronchitis. This oil also helps to stimulate or improve the immune system of the body and make it resistance to pathogens.


                  Eucalyptus Leaves

Eucalyptus essential oil since long has been known for analgesic and anti inflammatory properties. This is the reason why you will find it as a major constituent in soaps and dental care produces. This cineole based oil is used as a flavoring agent in food. Various products including confectionery, meat products and baked food requires eucalyptus essential oil for their preparation. Of late, this oil is finding a great use in the industrial application also. This oil prevents the problem of separation with petrol fuel and ethanol blends. The octane rating of eucalyptus oil is respectable. Since the production cost is currently too high, thus it cannot be used as a fuel as of now. If you are using the oil internally then you must ensure that you take in only limited dose of this oil. Taking higher doses of eucalyptus essential oil can lead to systemic toxicity and may create problems in ingestion.

This oil has been used traditionally for treating diabetes. Herbalists also recommend the use of fresh eucalyptus leaves in gargles and teas to sooth the sore throats and to treat sinusitis and bronchitis. The pungent, sharp aroma of the eucalyptus oil is useful for aroma therapist for relieving someone who has fainted. The leaves of the eucalyptus plant consist of volatile oils, falvonoids, tannins etc. In the end, this oil is so versatile that it can be out to many uses. From being used in perfumes to treating skin problems this oil is used for many purposes.

It is also available in many form including ointments and liquids. Its leaves are fresh, dried and in liquid extracts. Majority of the commercial syrups, cough drops and toothpaste etc. consist of this oil. Some of the common products that consist of this oil include Vicks VapoRub, Listerine and Menthol etc.