Bay Leaf oil

The botanical name for bay leaf oil is Pimento racemosa and it is extorted through the steam distillation of the fresh leaves. The ingredients of the leaves consist of cineol, methyl eugenol, linalool, and phellandrene etc. Owing to these constituents, this oil is said to be having some great sedative, anti biotic, febrifuge, analgesic, stomachic and tonic properties. Also, it is used for making massage oils and lotions.

The antiseptic properties of this oil help to protect the wounds from the bacterial and fungal growth, thereby avoiding painful situations. This oil is completely safe and does not cause any side effects. Neuralgia is another painful condition which causes pain in ears, eyes, tonsils. However bay leaf essential oil being a strong astringent and analgesic can overcome all these problems. It reduces the contraction of the blood vessels and helps to do away with the pain. This oil is also lethal for lower animals and insects and helps to drive insects out of the given area. It is widely used in vaporizers, sprays, fumigants etc.

It also helps to discharge bile into stomach and thus helps to maintain the acid and base balance in the human body. Thus, for proper functioning of stomach you should keep on using bay leaf oil regularly. Many people use this oil as a tonic, as it provides with qualities which are apt for the whole body. It helps to perform various metabolic functions like absorption of nutrients and decomposition of blood. It boosts up the nervous system and makes you more alert and active.

Lastly, even though this oil doesn’t have any side effects, in some extremely rare case it can cause skin irritation because of the compound eugenol. Thus, use it with care.

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