Benefits of wintergreen oil

It is used majorly to open the breathing passages. The vapor of the wintergreen oil is also inhaled in aromatherapy to clear the sinuses and stimulate mind. This oil blends well with ravensara and eucalyptus. Blended wintergreen oil finds its major use to get relief from conditions like sciatica, neuralgia, gout, fibromyalgia etc. People suffering from arthritis can also make use of this oil to get relief.

Warm oil is used to help the weak joints as well as muscles, whereas sometimes, this oil is also added to facial massage ingredients to provide relief from headaches. You need to be careful with the amount of wintergreen oil that you are using. It should be taking only in modest amount. Excessive use of this oil will cause more harm than good. However, when used appropriately it will provide excellent results.

Athletes and people who suffer from arthritis or rheumatism are fond of this oil for a good reason. Also it is an effective analgesic and potent. When used as massage oil, it provides almost instant relief from pain. The component Methyl salicytate, present in the oil in large quantities enter the pores of the skin and also helps to reduce the building up of prostaglandin. The mint flavor of the oil will help you to relax the nerves and muscles of the body and will also get you rid of the unwanted thoughts.

Now the old practice of chewing the wintergreen leaves to provide relief from various problems has disappeared. Instead of this, wintergreen oil is being widely used to treat various problems. The popularity of this oil has forced many oil manufactures to come out with different varieties of this oil.

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