How to prepare bath salts with essential oils?

Essential oils have many qualities that are widely used in massage therapy. They are also used in cosmetics. Here are some recipes for making bath salts scented with essential oils.

Prepare the bath salt with a mixture of vegetable oil and essential oil

A wide range of essential oils is proposed to prepare bath salts. It is also possible to add vegetable oil. Vegetable oils make the skin soft and silky. Some vegetable oils such as almond oil or olive oil are especially used for this purpose. Depending on the desired effect, you can opt for the vegetable oil is emollient jojoba vegetable oil or evening primrose to revitalize and make the skin more flexible. The essential oil is selected according to the outcome: relaxation or therapy.

The preparation of a salt bath with essential oils requires 20 ml of neutral vegetable oil and 10 to 15 drops of essential oil of your choice. Add this mixture to salt and mix well so that the mixture is smooth. If you wish to further enhance the flavor of your preparation, you can put dried flower petals. Choose, in this case, hibiscus flowers and rose petals.

Bath salts with essential oils

To prepare the bath salts with essential oils, you will need 240 g of sea salt mound and three different essential oils. The first should have an anti-aging, softening and drying. The second choice of essential oil depends on the result you want. You can opt for one that will help you sleep, to meditate, relax or feel good. For an energizing and invigorating bath, for example, choose the essential oil of noni. To relax, for cons, take the essential oil of rosewood.

The third essential oil used to enhance the fragrance of your bath salts. Then choose the essential oil whose scent you. Although the salt bath with essential oils has many therapeutic properties, do not take a bath too long. This could cause heart and skin.

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